Arab Open University – Kuwait adopts New ICDL

Continuing Learning and Community Service Unit to become ICDL accredited training and testing center

Kuwait, October 1, 2014 – The Arab Open University-Kuwait (AOU), a locally and globally accredited academic institution, has recently entered into a strategic partnership with ICDL Arabia, the governing body and certification authority for the ICDL certificate program in Egypt, the GCC States and Iraq. Under the terms of the agreement, the university’s Continuing Learning and Community Service Unit have become an officially accredited center for training and testing for ICDL certification.

The AOU has been chosen as ICDL Arabia’s strategic partner because of its active role in the dissemination of digital literacy and IT knowledge among students and Kuwaiti society, through integration of the latest technology and innovations within the educational process.

The strategic partnership authorizes the Continuing Learning and Community Service Unit’s adoption of ICDL’s new modules and certifications, including e-Citizen and Social Media for All, to boost digital literacy and enhance the ICT skills of all segments of the Kuwaiti society, including students, women, employees, job seekers, retirees, senior citizens, and the disabled. The agreement was signed by Dr. Naif Al-Mutairi, AOU’s Kuwait Branch Director; and Mohamed Hashim, Operations Manager, ICDL Arabia–Kuwait, in the presence of senior officers of both parties.

Al-Mutairi explained that the accreditation of the Continuing Learning and Community Service Unit by ICDL Arabia represents a strong impetus to widely disseminate digital knowledge among Kuwait’s various social segments. It will help in educating them to keep up with the transformation to the e-Government model as a prelude to a knowledge-based economy. Al-Mutairi also commended the efforts of ICDL Arabia in developing and implementing world-class programs in order to promote individuals’ capabilities to efficiently use today’s technologies, including the internet and social media which is accessible to all. He noted that the

Continuing Learning and Community Service Unit is ready to provide e-Citizen and Social Media modules along with other new ICDL modules under the supervision of a number of its certified trainers who are trained according to the highest international standards by ICDL Arabia.

For his part, Hashim said that the strategic partnership with the Continuing Learning and Community Service Unit at AOU Kuwait is of particular importance as a qualitative step to provide the new modules for a large segment of the Kuwaiti society. He expressed that the cooperation will have a positive role in supporting Kuwait’s e-transformation through the application of the e-Citizen program, which helps significantly advance e-readiness and accelerate the transition to a model digital society.

He added: “Social Media for All is a leading certification program for supporting the common aspirations in promoting the safe use of social network sites, which have been very popular and widespread, especially among youths. This program teaches the use of social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn, for social, cognitive, educational and professional purposes, while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy. The Arab Open University-Kuwait is the first educational strategic partner to us in the private sector in Kuwait after our organization has signed an agreement with the government sector representatives from Kuwait University and the National Guard.”

We are pleased to cooperate with AOU’s Kuwait Branch, which plays a vital role in keeping students abreast with accelerated digital developments through its high-level educational services and vital facilities, including electronic library and the latest classrooms equipments such as computers, smart boards, electronic platforms and broadband services, among others,” concluded Hashim.

In addition to e-Citizen and Social Media for All, the New ICDL offers new skills through many new modules like: Online Collaboration and IT Security. The Online Collaboration Module deals with the changing technology affecting the region by providing an understanding of essential concepts and how to apply these online tools that can be quickly be used to simplify many daily tasks through technology. The module is of major relevance given how mobile phone technology and the Internet are being used to support innovative strategies for Smart Government and it will also enable graduates and job seekers get better jobs. The IT Security Module, is one of the leading new courses which is an integrated and essential program that helps computer users cope with ICT risks and supports government efforts to educate individuals about the best e-Safety practices.